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The DNA of tech.TM | Chinese

The DNA of tech.TM | German

Honoring our founder, Dr. Felix Zandman 

 Our 50-year Timeline 

For almost six decades we’ve been

building The DNA of tech.TM

The Vishay journey began with one man, Dr. Felix Zandman, and a revolutionary technology. From there we would grow and strengthen over decades, arriving where we are today: one of the world’s most trusted manufacturers of electronic components. From discrete semiconductors to passive components; from the smallest diode to the most powerful capacitor, Vishay’s breadth of products are the very foundation that brings modern technology to life, every day, for everyone. We call it The DNA of tech.

This DNA is more than infrastructure for today’s most vital electronic products, it’s a platform to enable growth. Vishay is well-positioned to propel such timely macroeconomic growth drivers as sustainability, connectivity and mobility. Through R&D, manufacturing, engineering, quality, sales and marketing, we generate the essential components that enable inventors and innovators to create new generations of products—ones that span many sectors: automotive, industrial, consumer, computer, telecommunications, military, aerospace, and medical.

Together with the manufacturers of today’s and tomorrow’s most compelling electronic innovations, names you know, we are enabling next level automation in factories, the electrification of the automobile, 5G network technology, and the rapid expansion of connectivity across everything (IoT) to highlight a few areas of strong growth. This diversity of opportunity is the reason Vishay has thrived, and why we are driven to be the DNA behind the success of our customers and partners and to be part of making a future that’s safer, sustainable and more productive.


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